Biography: John-David Duggar

John-David Duggar was born on January 12, 1990, three minutes after his fraternal twin sister, Jana. They were born via emergency c-section after their mother developed preeclampsia. He is the third of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar‘s nineteen biological children. After the twins were born, Michelle took them, along with their older brother, to stay at her parents’ house for six weeks while she recovered from the birth. At the time, Jim Bob was working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

John-David began walking at twelve months old- four months later than his twin sister- which Michelle attributes to the fact that he was larger than her. They were both very rambunctious as toddlers. As a child, John-David operated a neighborhood bike repair business with his older brother, called “J & J Bike Sales.”

When John-David was twelve, he began assisting his father and his older brother Joshua in the construction of their family’s new home. He helped operate the crane when they put up the framework for the house, and has enjoyed operating heavy machinery ever since. Some of his other duties have also included cutting firewood for the family’s wood-burning furnace, maintaining the yard, and helping his father restore used vehicles.

John-David has spent lots of time working for his father, which often involves keeping up with the maintenance of Jim Bob’s various rental properties. Unlike his sisters, John-David and the rest of the Duggar boys have been expected to pay for their vehicles themselves. When John-David earned his driver’s license, he began driving the Duggar bus and pitching in with the family towing business. As a teenager, John-David also showed interest in video production and graphic design. When the Duggar house was being built, the boys decided to use the space that would have been their walk-in closet for a production studio.

In 2007, John David traveled to El Salvador with several family members to join a group called SOS Ministries for a short-term mission trip. This led him to participate in a number of other similar trips over the years, including a month-long trip to Southeast Asia in 2010. He is pictured here on a trip to the Philippines in 2014 with Lawson and Nathan Bates.

By 2008, John-David was in charge of operating the towing business. Around this time, he and his brother Joseph also traveled to Tennessee to help the Bates family with a home remodeling project.

While the Duggar family was temporarily living in Little Rock, Arkansas after the premature birth of youngest daughter Josie in 2009, John-David- along with Joseph- often helped keep up with the maintenance of the family’s Tontitown home.

In 2010, John-David became a certified first responder and also began volunteering at the local fire department. That November, he ran for Alderman of Tontitown, and lost by 60 votes. He ran again in 2012, and lost by only 12 votes. In January 2013, John-David began serving as a constable in Washington County, Arkansas, which is an unpaid position.

Around this time, John-David was also hard at work earning his pilot’s license. The April 2013 19 Kids and Counting episode, “Duggars Take Flight,” shows John-David logging some flight time by flying his younger brother Joseph to the ALERT academy in Texas. Although his parents purchased a plane for him around September 2014, John-David was still plugging away in October 2014, and he completed the requirements by January 2015. Since then, he has kept busy flying friends and family around the country, and he has also earned his instructor’s license. In the Counting On episode “Meet the Parents,” John-David gives his younger sister, Joy, a flying lesson.

Although John-David does not receive nearly the amount of attention as his twin sister Jana does for “still” being single, just like her, he remains a bit of a mystery because he does not use social media and he tends to stay out of the spotlight. John-David is often described as soft spoken and laid back, but he also has a dry sense of humor. In 2014, at his sister Jill’s wedding rehearsal, John-David made a joke about accepting applications for a wife, and he received calls from many interested ladies who took him seriously. In 2016, it was rumored that he was involved with Tabitha Paine, the Duggars’ former live-in tutor, but she denied the rumor and married someone else the next year.

John-David has owned a home since at least 2013, and although there have been rumors that he is living there, an interview that Michelle gave in 2013 stated that he was leasing it out for rental income, and as of 2018, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he has moved out of the Duggar family home.

If there is any information that I haven’t covered, let me know in the comments or via e-mail, and I will update this biography accordingly. I try my best to be factual, but feel free to give me a heads up if you find a mistake and I will make the correction as soon as possible!

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